Meet Uberflip

We interviewed Julie Whish, Culture Specialist with Uberflip, to find out more about what she loves about working with Uberflip.

Julie Whish, Culture Specialist with  Uberflip

Julie Whish, Culture Specialist with Uberflip

Can you describe the work Uberflip does?

We believe content is the most effective way to ignite meaningful relationships. But even the greatest content must be combined with a remarkable experience to reach its full potential. Uberflip is a content experience platform that aggregates all of your content (blog articles, eBooks, videos, whitepapers and more) so marketers can create, manage and optimize tailored content experiences for every stage of the buyer journey.

What’s your role with Uberflip?

I am the Culture Specialist AKA The Happiness Officer. My focus is on our people and providing them with an exciting and meaningful experience working with us. Every month I create a calendar of events, fitnesses classes and initiatives. I am lucky enough to have the freedom to be creative (which I love) and plan events like Taco Fest, host our weekly Fireside Friday gathering, plan lunch & learn’s, celebrate staff birthday’s and even document all the fun on our Instagram! I do my best to keep a pulse check on all Uberflippers, offer guidance, advice, support, good vibes and of course...confetti! There’s a lot of confetti around here! There’s something to celebrate every day.

What’s the company culture like at Uberflip?

Our company culture is a product of our incredible staff here. From the moment I was interviewing here I could see how kind, warm and wonderful the people were. Guests are always commenting on how nice everyone is, and the best part is that this is what it’s like every day at Uberflip! While we are lucky enough to offer a lot of company wide perks here (such as free snacks, coffee and tea, fitness classes, ping pong tables, events and parties)  it’s truly the talented and passionate people who define our culture. We are always striving to be better, more diverse and more inclusive. We are building a place where people feel safe, valued and excited to come to work each day!

What are some of your favourite parts of working with the Uberflip team?

There is no better feeling than waking up in the morning and being excited to go to work. Every day I get to spend time with amazing people who work at Uberflip, and even better I get to focus on keeping the workplace an exciting place to be. I love connecting with our staff, spending time with everyone, and executing events and activities that make people excited to work at Uberflip! Everyone here is so creative, talented and passionate and it really inspires me every day. It’s really special to be able to work alongside so many great people, and really become a big family with them all

Team Uberflip!

Team Uberflip!

Do you have any advice to offer to people who are interested in working in the tech sector?

Tech is an amazing and inspiring place to be. My advice is to always keep learning! Push yourself to think outside the box and get outside your comfort zone. Whether it’s reading books, blogs, listening to podcasts or going to panels and meetups - there is always something to learn! I personally LOVE meeting new people, networking, and making new connections and friends. It feels so nice to create meaningful relationships and inspiring each other.

What excites you about Toronto?

I have always loved Toronto. I grew up just east of the city and since I was old enough to come downtown, I was down here exploring. Now, after being a Toronto resident for over ten years, I’ve fallen even more in love with this place. I love the diversity here, and that one city can represent so many cultures, yet still be passionate about representing Toronto as “home”. It’s an amazing place to be creative, go on adventures, and keep things exciting! The Toronto tech community is growing and becoming more exciting every day too.

Why is the Uberflip Team looking forward to taking part in T.O. Tech Gives Back?

We were so thrilled to hear about T.O Tech Gives Back and knew it was something we’d want to be part of right away! One of our core values at Uberflip is “Give Back” and we donate 1% of our new revenue every year to charity. We love being involved in community events and volunteering our time too. It’s really special for us to be involved and be able to make a difference with such a special gesture. Our people are so passionate about giving back and this is only the beginning of what we have to give.